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Memories are the most crucial part of our lives. They guide us in every decision we make and also allow us to love as we love and feel as we feel. Memories carry with them emotions and connections to people we spent time with at that particular moment. They remind us how some experience felt, allowing us to experience it all over again.

It may have been the first beautiful dates you went on with the love of your life or the time you spent playing with your children when you were on some summer vacation, or, maybe, the perfect day of your life, the day you said, “I do” to the love of your life. Perhaps even some random moment when a friend or family member was being goofy.

Unfortunately, sometimes our memory is not quite as reliable. You may find yourself forgetting those beautiful experiences you had as a child, especially as you age or not remembering them as immensely as they were. You may find yourself missing a friend with whom you’ve been separated for a long time, and you can’t get in touch with, and you have no way to look back and remember all the good times you spent together.

What are the benefits of making a storable copy of your memories? / Save a copy of your memories

Protect your dreams

You could make a video about your dreams and aspirations. You could shoot a video as you paint, make some music, dance, and do some ballet to remind yourself of who you are whenever you forget. Keeping a video record will be a great reminder for your passions and aspirations, and it will be a great way to help you get back on your feet.

Share your videos with family and friends

You could share your videos of you doing your thing with family and friends, especially if you are not in close contact with them, which is an excellent way for all of you to feel tight and strengthen the family bond even more.

It’s affordable

Making your movie is quite simple. You could use your smartphone or a recording camera if you have one, and you are good to go! Record your clips and send them to us for editing, colorizing, and stabilization. Our professional team will retouch and stabilize your images and ensure that your videos have the best graphics.

What could you do if you wanted to re-live all these memories again? You could immortalize them on video. Make a movie where you are your main character, director, and producer. Make videos about your passions, dreams, and critical people in your life and be the show’s star.

At DosPixelos, we offer video editing services, color correction, music editing plus 2D and 3D animation. We also make opening and closing animations, motion graphics, and a whole range of other services that you’re sure to find helpful.

Making videos does not only helps you to stay in contact with your friends and families; it also enables you to keep in touch with yourself. Too often, we lose ourselves because we live in an era that doesn’t focus on self-growth. Creating time to explore your passions and grow your dreams is a vital part of life that should be welcomed and natured. Send your dreams to us and let us help them grow.

We are our memories. Promote yourself and promote your dreams.